Fabienne Moreau (CNP Assurances) : «The video format is clearly more user-friendly»

Fabienne Moreau is Head of internal Communication, at CNP Assurances. Following the first multilingual webcast with CEO Antoine Lissowski on June 20th, she agreed to answer some of our questions.

What was your first reaction after this hour of dialogue, live, video and in 5 languages?
I applauded ! I wanted to express my satisfaction and my congratulations to our CEO for the quality of his speech and to our team and the Canalchat Grandialogue team for the great work done.

Can you please tell us more about the context in which this internal communication event has been organized?
This event was born from a will to develop a communication based on proximity with the collaborators and relying on fluid an interactive formats.

Why did you choose this interactive format? What do you see as the main assets of this dialogue tool, whether in text or video?
It allows to create dialogue on a large scale, by virtually connecting a large number of collaborators at the same time, in multi-site and multi-country.

You have organized several webchats (text) and then you have decided to swith to webcast (video). What led you to make such a choice?
The video format is clearly more user-friendly and fits in the digital era and the uses of today. And it was also an expectation of our collaborators…

What are the main challenges for an editorial and technical success?
On the technical side : test, re-test and test again…in association with all the IT teams upstream.
On the editorial side : it’s possible to choose a global theme for the webchat but we preferred covering all the topics to meet the expectations of the employees.

Why choosing Canalchat Grandialogue?
We have been working with the Canalchat Grandialogue team for a few years now and they are true professionals who helped us technically in setting up this video chat that was a real challenge! They were quite responsive and mutual trust was established. See you soon…for the next webcast!

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