MAYBELLINE Brazil first live webchat

Risk of contagion. Even for a company well-used to market its external and internal services to its customers, the unpredictable word of mouth is always beneficial.

On Oct. 15, 2015, we organized l’Oréal’s Ethics Day for the 6th consecutive year. We never imagined that the internal communication process of the cosmetics giant could lead to a collaboration with another brand within the group. And yet it did.

The amazing feat achieved by our team, which consisted of enabling nearly 40 subsidiaries’ Managers to dialogue in 24 hours, in more than twenty languages, in the wake of the live dialogue with the CEO Jean-Paul Agon, has come a long way within the group. All the way to the extent of convincing the teams from Maybelline Brazil, previously briefed on this 2.0 experience by their colleagues from L’Oréal Brazil.

Maybelline Brazil’s teams are already preparing the next live dialogue

An advantageous sharing of best practices considering that the need of this new client was based on that of the parent company: a live text conversation in Brazilian with their 34 franchises. This is an entirely logical request for these franchisees (beauty kiosks in shopping malls, etc.) who want more internal dialogue but are often difficult to gather together in a country with continental dimensions.

As a result, the following idea has emerged: without physical meetings accessible for all, let’s hold live dialogue sessions for those who cannot attend. A trial run turned out to be a great success for Maybelline Brazil’s teams, who are already preparing the next live dialogue and to inspire other subsidiaries of the Group.

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