Interactivity serving real estate

On June 25, Crédit Mutuel real estate experts answered questions from internet users about the post-Covid-19 market. A conversation honouring interactivity.

The three experts, Frédéric Salagnat (notary), Muriel Schneider (co-head of real estate sales at Crédit Mutuel of the South-East) and Mikael Brandt (AFEDIM development director) took part in this conversation. At the heart of the debates, several questions inherent in the current health context: should we invest in real estate in 2020, a year marked by the Covid-19 crisis? Is this the right time to invest? If yes, how should we invest? On the interactivity side, the three participants were able to disseminate their advice through their answers to live questions asked by Crédit Mutuel customers and members. A first successful webcast for the mutual benefit bank.

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