AKTO : a Tour de France like no other

In order to answer the many questions of her employees, the Managing Director of AKTO Valérie Sort set her virtual Tour de France of the regions going using our remote video webcast service.

The containment imposed mid-March by public authorities has dictated a new communication strategy for many companies, particularly local French companies such as AKTO, whose employees are scattered throughout the country. As a result, Managing Director Valérie Sort has decided to organize a virtual Tour de France of the regions to communicate internally with her teams. Launched on 15 April with AKTO employees in the Grand-Est region, this series of 14 remote video webcasts aims to focus on dialogue with all employees of this professional training giant. In addition to our technical know-how, we provided Valérie Sort with a team of hosts to relay the many questions asked by online employees, each time captured squared to the camera. AKTO, the first yellow jersey on remote interactivity.

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