A videoconference for Peace

As the current health measures due to the Covid-19 crisis did not allow the organization of the plenary session initially scheduled, the organization “Leaders for Peace” opted for a live videoconference to present the publication of its latest annual report.

As chairman of the ThinkTank, former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin invited the organization’s many prestigious personalities to attend this live meeting. Among them, Nobel Prize winners, leaders, diplomats, experts… These men and women from all over the world attended this remote interactive meeting. Three interpreters were also connected to this event to handle the simultaneous translation making these various exchanges accessible to as many people as possible. The live broadcast of the dialogue between the 37 participants was carried out by Canalchat, lasting 4h30. The most urgent themes of the moment were discussed, such as the future of Africa or the consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis in the world.

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